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Lossless Distribution System 4K@60HZ 4:4:4

Lossless Distribution System, support up to 4K@60HZ 4:4:4, Support point-to-point, point to many, many to point, many to many applications over cat7 100m.
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1. 4K60 lossless distribution system is the best 4K distribution system at present. It uses 10GbE Ethernet technology to switch, extend and distribute video, audio, Ethernet and other control signals in real time, with a resolution of 4K/60p 4:4:4HDR (ULTRA high definition). Provides unparalleled image quality, no picture delay, no compression, no artifacts.

2. This hardware with visual software control platform has unprecedented scalability and versatility, supporting various applications, including point-to-point expansion, matrix seamless switching, video wall display, KVM and multi window display.

3. The distributed hardware interface machine includes transmitter and receiver, with resolution up to 4K/60p (8bit4:4:4) and 4K/60p (10bit 4:2:2) and HDR, without artifacts and picture delay.

4. For better flexibility, a variety of signals, including video, audio, IR, RS-232, USB and so on, can be specially encoded and routed to any IPA receiver through 10G switch.

1) Audio and video signals supportEthernet port orOptical fiber port for transmission, and the optical port adopts the SFP + interface;

2) Use the existing 10GbE network switch to route AV signals;

3) Fast and seamless HDMI signal conversion with resolutions up to 4K/ 60p (8bit4:4:4) and 4K/60p (10bit 4:2:2) and HDR;

4) Far better than the existing IP based video products: no picture delay, no compression, no artifacts;

5) Support HDMI2.0a  and HDCP2.2;

6) Embedded audio, analog stereo audio, multi-channel PCM audio mixed into stereo, bidirectional IR, RS-232, USB, etc;

7) With video zoom function, the broadcast level zoom quality supports VGA to 4K/60 multiple resolutions;

8) With picture wall splicing, picture in picture, picture synthesis and user-defined layout functions.

9) Use separate cat7 cable, up to 100 meters (328 feet);

10) 10GbE optical fiber cable is used, with a maximum range of 30KM;

11) The interface machine supportspoint-to-point, point to many, many to point, many to manyand other node applications;

12) Support USB routing and RS232 routing

13) 4K/60Hz data bandwidth is about 8Gbps, 1080p / 60Hz is about 3.4gbps;

14) Support independent audio input and output function