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3x3 TV Controller output to 4K@30Hz

3X3 video wall controller, 3840x2160P@30Hz Input and Output are supported. Support 2 machines sub-cascade.
MSRP: Quote Upon Request

This 3X3 Splicer supports 1 HDMI input and 9 HDMI output. The main function of the Splicer is to divide a full HDMI image into 9 blocks and distribute them to 9 video displays, complete with 9 HDMI HD video display units to form a large dynamic image screen. Supports multiple splicing modes, supports cascading.

♦ 3*3 HD splicer, split 1*HDMI signal input to 9* HDMI outputs then splice multiple displays into a large screen.

♦Support a variety of splicing modes 3X3, 3X2, 3X1,4X2,4X1,1X3,1X4 and so on. 

♦ Support edge adjustment function.

♦ Support 180 degrees screen rotation (Mirror).                                          

♦ Support 3840x2160P@30Hz for both Input and Output.                                                                         

♦ Support 2-machine sub-cascade  for 3x4, 4x3, 4x4 splicer mode.

♦ Support digital  SPDIF audio.

♦Support fast switch, seamless switch.

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